How do you pronounce Keziah from the Bible?

Pronunciation: ka-zy-ah KEZIAH rhymes with DESIRE or MARIAH (as in MARIAH CAREY)
Meaning: Cassia – fragrance (Job 42:14)

What’s the meaning of Keziah?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Keziah is: Cassia; sweet-scented spice. Keziah was one of Job’s three fair daughters in the bible. This name was popular with Puritans in the 12th century.

Can Keziah be a boy name?

Keziah or Kezia is a Hebrew name. Keziah was a daughter of Job in the Hebrew Bible. … In 1890, the births of 137 children named Kezia were registered in England; in 1990, only 40 were. More recently the name has become unisex despite its origin such as the musician Keziah Jones.

Where does the name Keziah originate from?

The name Keziah is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “cassia tree”. This lively Old Testament nature name (belonging to one of the three beautiful daughters of Job) may be missing from the current US Top 1000 list, but it ranks highly here on Nameberry — making it one to watch!

Is the name Keziah in the Bible?

Keziah (Hebrew: קְצִיעָה Qəṣî’āh; Greek: Κασία, Kasia; also Ketziah) is a woman in the Hebrew Bible. She was the second of the three daughters born to Job after his sufferings (Job 42:14). … A number of etymologies have been suggested for her name, among them the Hebrew for Cassia, from the name for the spice tree.

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What name is Kizzy short for?

In this case it was Kizzy short for Keziah.

How do you pronounce Kizia?

The correct way to pronounce pedantic is?

  1. pe-da-n-tic.
  2. pe-d-a-n-tic.
  3. pe-dan-tic.

How do you say Mattan?

Phonetic spelling of Mattan

  1. mat-tan.
  2. MAY-tin.
  3. Mat-tan.