You asked: What time is Jesus showing on TBN?

“We are thrilled to announce that TBN will present a special one-time only encore broadcast of JESUS on Wednesday, May 13th at 9pm ET | 6pm PT. Watch exclusively on the TBN channel, or watch live online through the TBN website or app.” READ MORE: Sight & Sound releases its production of “Jesus” on DVD.

How long is sight and sound Jesus on TBN?

The live event will include a 30-minute pre-show and a 20-minute intermission, with exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and a sneak peek at how the production was created.

What time is the chosen on TBN tonight?

See Him through the eyes of those who knew Him. Watch this fresh, eight part saga on the life of Christ on TBN, Mondays at 9:30pm ET starting February 8th.

What is playing on TBN right now?


Time TV Show
7:00 pm Praise
8:00 pm Jonathan Cahn: The Book of Mysteries Episode 4
8:30 pm Mcmanus
9:00 pm Discovering God Episode 4
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Can I watch sight and sound Jesus on TV?

(Please note: The pay-per-view option is only available on the Sight & Sound TV website. After purchasing online, you can then access and watch the performance using the Sight & Sound TV app.)

How can I watch TBN channel?

Watch full episodes of Praise for free on the TBN app: On the air since 1973, TBN’s flagship ministry and talk show Praise is one of the most recognizable — and most watched — Christian programs in the world.

How can I watch sight and sound on TBN?

The show airs on TBN 8 p.m. Friday, and will be available to stream on the TBN app Friday, Jan. 29 through Sunday, Jan. 31. TBN is channel 290 for Comcast subscribers in the Lancaster area, channel 372 for DirectTV customers and channel 260 on Dish.

Is TBN showing the chosen series?

This streaming series about the life of Jesus will air on the Christian channel starting next week.

What time is the chosen on tonight?

Tonight’s episode of Chosen airs on Crackle at 8:00 PM EST. The episode usually runs around 25 minutes (including commercials). What day does Chosen come on? Make sure you have your TV ready every Saturday at 8:00 PM EST to catch new episodes.

What time does Huckabee come on TBN?

TBN, which offers commercial-free programming, is considering using sponsorships for the “Huckabee” show, Crouch said. Tickets to be a part of the studio audience are free. Huckabee, who lives in the Florida panhandle, will drive up each week to tape the show, which airs 7 p.m. on Saturdays.

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Is TBN channel free?

TBN offers free, family-friendly, Christian programming for all ages including 11 Live Streaming TV channels, with inspirational messages movies, specials, variety, and documentary type programs On Demand.

What number is TBN on spectrum?

TBN Channel Numbers on Spectrum

State/City TBN
Lincoln, NE 77
Los Angeles, CA 17
Los Angeles, CA 17

How can I watch TBN without cable?

You can watch TBN without cable via apps for mobile devices powered by Android and IOS but even better they can kick back and watch on their TV’s like they are used to with apps from all of the major set top boxes on the market. TBN has an apps for: Roku, Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV.

What channel is Jesus on tonight?

Now Available! Free streaming on TBN begins today! Watch it on your favorite device anytime you want this weekend. Or tune in tomorrow at 1pm ET for the special broadcast on the TBN channel.

How can I watch Jesus sight and sound for free?

Sight & Sound offers free viewing of ‘Jesus’ on TBN | Video |

How do I watch sight and sound?

How do I watch on my smart TV?

  1. On your TV, open the internet browser and visit the site.
  2. Enter your email address, submit, and you will be emailed a link.
  3. On a separate device (i.e. another computer or mobile device), open your email inbox, open the login email, and click the LOGIN link.