Why does Calpurnia speak differently at church than when she is at the Finch home?

Why does Calpurnia speak differently at the church than she does at the Finch household? Calpurnia speaks differently to fit in in both situations. She uses slang with her fellow African Americans, so that she is not seen as above them. She speaks more properly at home to not draw attention to the Finches.

Why does Calpurnia speak differently in her church than at the Finch house?

Calpurnia speaks differently at the Finch house because she feels it would be out of her place to speak “white talk” to her fellow neighbours. At the Finch house, Calpurnia then speaks “white talk”, however at the neighbourhood and so forth she doesn’t want people to think of her differently than them.

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How does Calpurnia act differently at church than at the Finch home?

Scout is surprised to hear Calpurnia speak in the same black dialect as the others, because at home, Calpurnia always speaks proper English. Jem asks Calpurnia why she doesn’t speak with proper grammar around black people, and Calpurnia explains that it would be out of place, and that she would look pretentious.

How does Calpurnia’s speech at the finches differ from her speech at church?

How does Calpurnia talk different while at her church? She talks in a quiet tone and talks like the other African Americans there. Why does Calpurnia talk differently when at her church? She doesn’t want to feel out of place and doesn’t want to aggravate people by talking like she knows more than everyone else.

How did Calpurnia’s church differ from the white people church?

In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 12, one salient difference between the church of Calpurnia and the Maycomb Methodist Episcopal Church South is that the black church allows the children, Scout and Jem, to remain whereas the white churches are strictly segregated.

What does Calpurnia speaking differently reveal about her?

Calpurnia speaks differently in her church to because it would “aggravate” the people there if she spoke the way she does among white people – members would think she was “putting on airs”, trying to act better than them (Chapter 12).

What does Calpurnia say aggravates?

Calpurnia explains, “It’s not necessary to tell all you know. It’s not ladylike- in the second place, folks don’t like to have somebody around knowin’ more than they do. It aggravates ’em.

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Why does Lula say the Finch children should not have been at first purchase church with Calpurnia?

Lula believes white children do not belong in a black church. Lula is not happy to see Scout and Jem with Calpurnia at First Purchase because it is an African-American church and she doesn’t think white children should be there.

Why does Calpurnia act differently around her friends?

Calpurnia notes that it is a difficult situation to be in. She tells Scout that if she spoke formally to her friends and family at church, it would seem out of place. To them, it would not seem like her talking.

What does Scout notice about the way Calpurnia speaks when she is around members of her own community?

Scout mentions that Calpurnia lived a “modest double life” and has “command of two languages.” Calpurnia explains to the children that if she talked formally then her neighbors would think she was “puttin’ on airs to beat Moses.” (Lee 167) Calpurnia tells Scout that it’s not lady-like to tell people all you know, and …

What are the first two things Aunt Alexandra says?

The first two things that Aunt Alexandra said were, “’Put the bag in the front bedroom, Capurnia,’”, and “’Jean Louise, stop scratching your head,’”.

What is the purpose of this Sunday’s collection at Cal’s church?

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What is the purpose of this Sunday’s collection at First Purchase African Methodist Episcopal church? To donate to Helen because she doesn’t have a job and needs to take care of her children while Tom is in court.

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Why does Aunt Alexandra say she is going to be staying with them?

Aunt Alexandra comes to stay with the family because since Atticus is away she feels the need to try and help out. … As you get to know Aunt Alexandra better it seams like something she would do. Alexandra thinks Scout is “dull” (not clever).

What is the black church in To Kill a Mockingbird called?

Calpurnia decides to take the children to her church, a “colored” church, that Sunday. Maycomb’s black church is an old building, called First Purchase because it was bought with the first earnings of freed slaves.

Why did the pastor lock the doors to the church?

Why does Reverend Sykes order the doors of the church shut? The doors of the church were shut so ten dollars could be collected for Tom Robinson’s wife and children.

Who comes to live with the Finches for a while?

Aunt Alexandra comes to stay with Atticus and the Finch children because of the Tom Robinson trial for the most part. Atticus will be very busy during the trial and won’t have time to take care of the kids even with Calpurnia’s help.