What does the name Lea mean in the Bible?

Biblical in origin, Leah means “languid, weary” from the Hebrew “le’ah” (לֵאָה). Borne from the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament, we are introduced to Leah in the book of Genesis as Jacob’s first wife. She is also remembered as Rachel’s older sister.

What does name Lea mean?

Lea as a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name Lea), is a variant of Leah (Hebrew) and Lee (Old English), and the meaning of Lea is “delicate; weary; meadow or pasture”.

Is Lea a biblical name?

Lea is a variant of the biblical name Leah and is of Hebrew origin. She is the elder sister of Rahel and the first wife of Jacob.

Why does Leah mean weary?

It said that while Leah may mean “weary” in Hebrew (for she “wearied” of being married because her younger sister was so beautiful), Leah was really named in Chaldees – not in Hebrew – and the Assyrian use of that name means “mistress” of the manor or “ruler.”

Does Lea mean Meadow?

A grassland; a meadow. [Middle English leie, from Old English lēah; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]

Is Lea a good name?

Most likely first used among Dutch, German, and Scandinavian immigrants to America, the minimalistic spelling of Lea remains a relatively moderate pick. Not surprisingly, the typical English spelling of Leah is most common (in fact, the name is currently ranked #29 in popularity nationwide right now).

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Where is the name Lea from?

Lea is an English surname. The surname Lea has a superficially Italian appearance to it; however with 314 people in Italy bearing the surname, it may have an Italian origin. It also originates from the Old English Lēah, which predates the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

Is Lea a boy or a girl?

Lea is a feminine given name. In French the name Léa is the biblical name Leah.

What does Leah mean in Spanish?

Answer. Leah in Spanish is Lea.

What is a nickname for Leah?

Nickname – Leah

Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Leah – Lele, Lee lee, Lee-Bee, Its Leah not Leia, Leah Beah, lulu.

Does Leah mean ruler?

Meaning of Leah

An Assyrian meaning is “ruler” or “mistress”.

What does the Bible say about Leah?

Leah loved Jacob and prayed about her situation, and God had compassion for Leah. Genesis 29:31 says, “When the Lord saw that Leah was unloved, He opened her womb; but Rachel was barren.” God rewarded Leah with the first-born son of Jacob, which was a significant honor for a wife in those days.

What is the difference between a Lea and a meadow?

is that meadow is a field or pasture; a piece of land covered or cultivated with grass, usually intended to be mown for hay; an area of low-lying vegetation, especially near a river while lea is an open field, meadow or lea can be any of several measures of yarn; for linen, 300 yards; for cotton, 120 yards; a lay.

What does Lea mean in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Baby Names Meaning:

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In Hawaiian Baby Names the meaning of the name Lea is: Mythological goddess of canoe builders.