Quick Answer: How much hit does a priest need for instructor Razuvious?

The question about hit is for mind controlling the Instructor adds that are needed to kill Instructor. Since they’re level 60, you need 3% hit to get a 1% miss chance.

How much hit do you need for instructor Razuvious?

This fight requires your priets to be on the ball with Mind Control and they must have +2 or +3% hit with spells to do this smoothly. Razuvious hits too hard for a player to tank him, so you must keep an Understudy mind controlled at ALL times to tank him.

How much hit Do Priests need for Razuvious?

Only Deathknight Understudies are capable of withstanding Razuvious’ attacks, and will need to be mind controlled. It is highly recommended that assigned priests have 3% spell hit in order to reduce the chance of both mind control and mind soothe resists, and to reduce the chance of mind control breaking early.

How much hit Do Priests need for NAXX?

How much hit Do Priests need for NAXX? Spell Hit Chance To guarantee that your spells always land on a max level boss you need to have 16% Spell Hit (Spell Hit Cap.)

Why is MC breaking on Razuvious?

Re: Razuvious – MC keeps breaking

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Since MC is a shadow based attack, shadow resistance will cause the spell to break early.

Where can I tank a Razuvious?

Positioning of the Understudy that is tanking the boss is imperative, the best place to tank the boss is at the bottom of the stairway that leads into the training area, while keeping the boss inside the room and the Understudy in line of sight down the stairway.

Can you trinket mind control?

So if you want to DoT someone and want to force them to bleed out without retaliation, you can mind control them while the damage ticks. It only breaks if it’s broken by a trinket, WotF, dispelled, interrupted, or if you run the person out of your cast range.

What level do priests get mind control?

Mind Control (or MC), formerly called Dominate Mind (or DM), is a level 36 priest ability that allows a unit to temporarily take control of a non-friendly target and use it against other enemies.

How do you do Heigan the unclean?

To execute the strategy, simply tank Heigan on the platform during the entirety of Phase 1. Make sure to tank him far enough on the platform that your melee dps won’t be hanging off the edge, otherwise they’ll take eruption hits.

Does LoS break mind control?

Nope, LoS is not a factor, but range from you to the MC’ed mob is and will break at around 26-30 yards.