Quick Answer: How do I pray for my teenager?

How do you pray for a troubled teenager?

Grant me clarity so that I may serve my family, even in this dark hour. Lord, show me the path I must walk. Show me what good works I can do to serve You. I need your guidance, and although sometimes I feel rage, Lord, transform my anger into love, and use me as an instrument of Your purpose.

How do teenage girls pray?

Purity Prayer

Lord, may my daughter be set apart unto you. She cannot remain pure by her strength. Holy Spirit, take control of her life and teach her all things concerning purity and life. May she walk in spirit and truth in her teenage years and adulthood.

How do teenage boys pray?

Fill him with Your peace that transcends all understanding and guard his heart and his mind in Christ Jesus, Amen. Precious God, help my teenage son to hear the voice of his parents, I pray that You soften his heart and his ears so that he may live under the guidance that seeks to help him flourish.

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How do I pray for my troubled son?

A Prayer for a Son in Imminent Danger

All-Powerful God, hear my heartfelt cry, and let my prayer rise to You. I beg of You to act quickly, for my son is in imminent trouble. His life may be in danger, Lord, and I am in a helpless position. I ask that You send Your angelic hosts to keep him safe.

How do you pray against the spirit of rebellion?

I shall not be initiated into any form of rebellion, in Jesus’ name. Power of God, open up my understanding, in the name of Jesus. My Father, recover me from any path of rebellion, in Jesus’ name. Every witchcraft power, loose your hold upon my life, in the name of Jesus.

How can I pray for my daughter?

Prayer: Lord, help my daughter to have firm faith in your Word, and may she approach you with freedom and confidence. Faith comes by hearing your Word of truth. Help her to continually hear, read, and speak your Word so that she can walk through this life with a solid foundation of faith! Amen.

How do I ask God to heal my son?

Prayer To Restore A Sick Child’s Health

O Lord God, I come to You for help and succor. Give me grace to bear my child’s affliction with patience and strength. Bless me, O Father, and restore my child [child’s name] to health. Do not forsake us, but give us an assurance of Your loving Kingdom.

How do I bless my son?

People bless their children in a variety of ways. Some parents place their hands on the head of the child they are blessing, while parents of very young ones often hold them in their arms. Some parents prefer to cup the face of their child in their hands or cuddle together.

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What should I pray for my kids?

Based off of his teaching, here are 10 things to show you how to pray for your children.

  • Pray that your kids connect with God. …
  • Pray that your children honor God. …
  • Pray they translate that honor into action. …
  • Pray that they are well-equipped to meet every daily need. …
  • Pray that your children forgive.

How do you say prayer for your son?

These are some ideas of morning prayers your child can use as a guide:

  1. Father God I thank you for this new day. I thank you that you love me and are with me today. …
  2. Father God, please be with me today in everything I will face. Help me to learn well at school. …
  3. Father God, I thank you for everything you have done for me.

How can I pray for my son on his birthday?

May the Lord surround you with peace, prosperity, true friends, and most importantly true happiness all the days of your wonderful life. My son, on your birthday, I pray for nothing but your happiness in life. May you always be protected from the eyes and plans of evil doers. Happy birthday, dear son.