Is disc priest good in PVP?

Are disc priests good in PvP?

Discipline Priest Strengths in PvP. Discipline Priest provides a good amount of crowd control with Psychic Scream, Mind Control, and Shining Force which can supply the team with just enough control to score a kill or extend the game.

Which priest spec is best for PvP?

Discipline Spec has some good burst damage and other useful talents for PVP, while Shadow is as you would expect a lot of Shadow damage in the form of DOTs. Holy Spec is a strong choice if all you want to do is heal your teammates during battlegrounds, this spec is considered one of the best healing in the game.

Is disc or holy better for PvP?

Holy has a better throughput/mana ratio, while disc has more reliable radiance + penance + shadowmend for scary situations. In 3’s this makes a massive difference for disc since damage output is so much higher.

Does fade work in PvP?

Fade really has no use in PvP at all.

What does priest fade do in PvP?

Holy Priests can use the Greater Fade Honor Talent while Capturing a flag in PvP Capture the Flag battlegrounds to prevent being being interrupted by most attacks. To guarantee no interrupts, also use the Inner Focus Honor Talent. A good counter to this ability in Capture the Flag PvP is Monk’s talent Ring of Peace.

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What healer should I play in Shadowlands?

Discipline Priests appear to be the strongest healers in Shadowlands. Their unique way of healing through dealing damage makes them a great partner in the arena that can easily flex between shielding or dealing damage and healing instead.

Can disc priest stun?

Every melee has a stun. What can Disc priest do about it? Nothing.

Will shadow priest be good in Shadowlands?

Shadowlands shadow is just good. You can move during devouring plague casts which come often. But yeah, mobility is definitely a weakness of shadow. I think its okay though since the spec is shaping up to be great single target damage and an absolute beast at cleave/AOE while also having great self-sustain.

Is disc or holy better Shadowlands?

Its just a matter of me saying that holy is so much easier with a greater reward atm. Disc is far better in PvP right now. Just straight up Discipline has far better tools. As far as PvE, if you are doing more damage in current mythics on holy than on Disc, you probably are playing Disc wrong.

Is Disc better than Holy?

As for difficulty, I agree with the consensus view–that Disc has a highest skill ceiling of ALL healers (not only vs holy priest)–and I speak from first hand lengthy experience with both priest specs, and all other healers as well (at least healing dungeons–but disc is far harder in raids, in my view).

Is Holy good for PvP?

Holy had some major overhauls this expansion for PvP that in my opinion makes it comparable to Disc in many respects. Holy excels much more in battlegrounds because of it’s ability to rapidly heal multiple people. … Double serenity charges feels really nice given how fast paced PvP is atm.

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