Do Indian people name their children after gods?

For example, many couples are naming a child after Hindu deities — “mainly Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga and others,” he notes. “Most of the Hindu families consider Vedic astrology to arrive at the name of the child,” adds Rajdev.

Do Hindus name their children after gods?

Hindus name their kids after gods. It’s an age old practice. May be primarily they feel it is a way to be nearer to God. In Western countries names are just names.

Why do Hindus name their children after gods?

Its has to do more with what the God represents or symbolize. People even have their children named after animals like Lion, Tiger and it’s because these animals symbolize strength. Similarly if a particular Hindu God represents what the parents are devotional to, they would like to name their child after that God.

Is it rude to name your kid after a God?

It’s pretty popular to name babies after Greek, Roman, or Norse Gods. Nonetheless, you should avoid naming your babies after these deities. Isis, Thor, Zeus, and Odin might be really appealing names to you, but just try to imagine poor, awkward, zitty thirteen-year-old Zeus entering junior high.

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Why do people name their children after gods?

Many of them might not have the name directly, but if you look and introspect closely, the name will be linked to a God. Whether it is the Goddess of wealth, Goddess of learning, the Sun, the Moon, the sky and all forms of Mother Nature – they are present in our names.

Is it hubris to name yourself after a God?

People in ancient Greece did not give their children the exact names of deities. To call a human being “Zeus” or “Athena” or “Apollon” would have certainly been seen as an act of hubris. Nonetheless, it was extremely common for people to give their children names that included the names of deities.

What happens when a Hindu baby is born?

In some Hindu families, 40 days after birth, the baby is taken to the community mandir for a naming ceremony. The father offers ghee -soaked wood on the fire. After announcing the baby’s name, the priest pours holy water onto the baby’s head and puts a few drops of amrit on the baby’s tongue.

How do you name a Hindu baby?

25 Popular Hindu Names For Baby Boy

  1. Aahan. First ray of light, dawn, sunrise.
  2. Parth. Ruler, star.
  3. Aakil. Intelligent, smart.
  4. Kiaan. Ancient or king.
  5. Mahir. Expert.
  6. Nadin. Lord of rivers.
  7. Onir. One of the most beautiful Hindu baby boy names, meaning shining.
  8. Viaan.


When should a baby be named in Islam?

Ideally, Muslim baby boys are circumcised when they are seven days old although it can take place any time before puberty. It is also tradition to choose a name for the baby on the seventh day. The aqeeqah is also traditionally carried out on the seventh day.

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Is it OK to name yourself after a God?

To diminish their beliefs to myth while elevating your own god to real without any more evidence than they had is not logical. So for a God’s name to be an acceptable name it has got to have been reduced to myth.

Is it OK to name your child Aphrodite?

Yes, those are lovely names for a child. These are names from Greek mythology. Aphrodite is the goddess of Love.

Is it disrespectful to name myself after a God?

It’s considered hubris and in bad taste to take the name of a god. However, theophoric names were/are common – i.e., names that are derived from and reflective of a deity. E.g., Diogenes stems from Zeus (“dio”), Apollodoros in honor of Apollon, Demetria after Demeter.

Is it offensive to name yourself after a Greek god?

It’s not offensive and may be considered an honour to the God or Goddess.

Can you name someone after a Greek god?

There are several Saints, who were named after a Greek God or Goddess. For example, Saint Dimitrios of Salonica is named after the ancient Goddess of Agriculture Demeter (Greek: Demetra, Δήμητρα). Saint Ares the Wise is named after the God of War (Greek: Άρης).

Why is Persephone called Kore?

In many ancient cults the goddess, along with her mother Demeter, is associated with vegetation and grain. In this guise she is most often referred to as Kore, signifying both ‘daughter’ and ‘maiden’. In Greek mythology, the goddess, as wife of Hades, is the Queen of the Underworld and takes her other name, Persephone.

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